Instagram is free! Let me say that again – it’s f-r-e-e! What’s better than building an asset that required zero capital to start? If you are not planning on paying for shoutouts or running ads to promote your Instagram account (don’t, it’s a waste of money), you really have nothing to lose.

Instagram helped me make a ton of connections in a new city. I knew one person when I moved to Ohio. After running my Instagram account for a mere two months, I had formed a car group of more than 20 guys and that was just the beginning.

We went from meeting up to drive around and take pictures of our cars to hosting car shows and being known as Cbus Bimmers (Columbus BMW Crew). Meeting all those cool people resulted in many great memories and enabled me to build strong, lasting relationships – all thanks to Instagram.

Instagram can also save you money. I have received huge discounts on car parts, received free apparel, gadgets, etc. as a result of my sizeable Instagram account. In return, I’ve given a shout out to the company that provided me with the item. That’s easy money! I’ve saved a few thousand dollars just thanks to that.

Your account can give you leverage. If you’re getting mistreated by a company that has a social media presence, your negative reviews on Instagram could impact their reputation, and in turn, their sales. In this day and age, social media rants don’t go unnoticed. I’ve seen one of my friends deal with a company that decided it was okay to send him a set of the wrong sized wheels and not replace them with the right ones. My friend expressed his anger in a well worded post and a ton of his followers went on that company’s page and dropped their own comments. Believe me, that company noticed. It took them a day to make it right; something they weren’t willing to fix for weeks! Power of Instagram.

If you’re planning to start your own brand, be it clothing, car parts, slim tea, etc., your brand can strongly benefit from a following that you’ve built prior to the launch. When I first realized the potential of Instagram, everyone around me laughed and said it was a waste of time. Fast forward several months and those same individuals were begging me to teach them how to grow their own Instagram pages.

Some of them opened businesses that required a social media presence, but they just didn’t know how to make it happen. Some of them have read the same books that I have read, and they became even more confused. Some books aren’t telling the whole truth and are mainly used to upsell some other product.