If your post goes viral or semi-viral (viral in your niche), you should hop on the wave and ride it out for as long as possible. Here is what I did to gain 4000 followers in 8 days after posting that outrage post that received crazy engagement and shares.

I kept posting my best content back to back to back! Yes, you want to do it, because now your profile is considered “hot” so your posts are very likely to get good exposure.

You should respond to most of the comments that you receive. If your post has provoked someone to be negative on your post, stay classy. I usually ignore or say something like, “thanks!” If I see that a comment is a bot comment that’s super generic, I just respond with an emoji of thumbs up. You can respond any way you want, even with a middle finger if that’s how you feel at the moment.

You might wonder, why answer every comment? The answer is simple, to continue the conversation going, to build relationships, to look approachable so others are not too scared to comment either. It is also necessary in order to boost the relevance score in the eyes of Instagram algorithms. Unique comments get good algorithm scores, the more comments you have the more relevant your post becomes.

Once your post goes viral within your niche, keep pushing out great content but let it run its course. After my picture blew up, I posted absolutely nothing for another 24 hours. I did this strategically because every new post you post, is very likely to kill off the exposure of the previous post. I think Instagram has set it up this way to make it harder for us to grow. It’s sort of leveling the playing field where you can’t have 10 posts going all at once and blowing up resulting in your account growing by millions of followers a day.

I am a firm believer in the ability of any account to ride the wave out forever as long as the content is just as good as the previous one that blew up. Unfortunately, my niche is not that exciting, and I can’t keep coming up with crazy edits or super interesting content over and over. It would be much more easily done with a personal account where the theme is much broader than a single car.