Posting 60 hashtags, step-by-step walkthrough. Can find it on my blog also by clicking here.

  1. Pick a photo that you want to post and write out your caption. DO NOT put a single hashtag in the caption! If you do, this will not work! I can’t stress this enough … I have had my fellow Instagrammers come back to me and say, “Hey dude! It doesn’t work!” Well … It doesn’t work because they didn’t follow instructions.
  2. Publishthepost.
  3. Add the first 30 hashtags as your first comment to the post that you have just published. Don’t be shy, commenting first on your own posts is not a thing that anyone looks down upon. At least not anymore. And yes, you should have two sets of hashtags already pre-made in your Notepad app on your phone. Make it in a way where all you have to do is copy from the notepad and paste it onto Instagram. Make sure to have them ready for a quick copy paste, or you will lose your momentum trying to type out 60 hashtags under your post.
  4. Gobacktothepostandclickthe3-doticon(“…”)onthetoprightcorner (Edit).
  5. Go down to the bottom of your caption for this post and paste another 30 hashtags.
  6. That’s when the magic happens, and your post now has 60 hashtags … You are welcome.

Can you still use this method, and does it still work? Yes, it does and yes you can. However, since using 30 and using 60 hashtags have yielded almost identical results every time I tested them, I decided to only use 30 from now on. It is up to you on which route you decide to take.

I have also made a video walkthrough for those who think that it was hard to follow my instructions above. Click this link to be re-directed to my YouTube video.


This one is huge. So please pay attention. Due to the algorithm changes that we have gone through on Instagram, it is harder than ever to gain exposure. Hashtags are one of the most important ways that we can still have our posts seen by others. Especially if you are just starting out!

Where do you start? Remember when we talked about picking out your niche and deciding what your account should be about? During your thought process and the research that you have done, you should have come across a few successful accounts in your niche. These accounts are now your competition. You can be friends with them, however, you want to beat them at the numbers game.

Since they are already considered successful, more likely than not, they have already done their homework on what hashtags to use in their posts. If it is working for them, why wouldn’t it work for you? When I first started, I went through numerous successful accounts in my niche and looked for hashtags that I saw multiple times on different pages. That’s how I started putting my list together. Ok, that’s how I started putting both of my lists together of 30 hashtags apiece.

Why try to reinvent a wheel, when it’s already out there? Save yourselves the time and hassle and follow in the footsteps of others that are successful at doing what you want to be doing.

For all of your others, that think that I’m just being a lazy wanker, here is how to do your hashtag research. Two websites that I use a lot to come up with lists of hashtags are: and First one is to give a quick list of 30 hashtags and the second one is to let you do your own research on each one of them.

All-Hashtag websites are known to give you a lot of unrelated hashtags. You will have to handpick the ones that you truly want to use. I haven’t found a better way to help you handpick your hashtags than by using the Hashtagify website. Both services are completely free (I’m all about those savings after all).

In my niche, I personally try not to use any hashtags that have less than 1 million posts under them. To see the number of posts, go into the Search section of your Instagram app and type in the hashtag. The number of posts with that particular hashtag in them will show up right underneath the hashtag itself.

The list that I keep in my Notepad app on my cell phone, only has 25 hashtags. I left room for another 5 hashtags to keep the list fresh and adjusted for every day or every post. Since no post is the same, I switch things around. Let’s say one post is of a beach, I could use #beach #sun #sand #ocean #waves. Next post could be with the mountains in it, so I would swap those 5 hashtags for #mountains #canyon #views #hills #nature.

I also base my spare hashtags on the days of the week. So, each day I use a hashtag for that day. If today is Tuesday, I use a hashtag #tuesday. At the time of writing this, #tuesday has almost 13 million posts under it. Needless to say, people use it and look it up a lot.

Word of advice. Do not keep reusing the same exact list of hashtags. You are guaranteed to get shadowbanned. Why? Because repetitive actions lead Instagram into thinking you are a bot. Terms and Conditions of Instagram clearly state that “You must not access Instagram’s private API by means other than those permitted by Instagram.”

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is what bots tap into to act like they are you and go like/comment/follow/unfollow for you. As I have mentioned previously, Instagram is fighting the shady tactics at the moment. They are cleaning house and you should not risk making them think that you are a bot.

Bots are risky business but are widely used in the community. I have grown my main account without using a single bot or buying any followers. However, I can see how bots could be helpful for businesses or people that just do not want to put in the work to grow organically. I will talk about bots later on in this book.