When I was just starting out, it was not easy to get people to like my posts. For a while my goal was to get 100 likes per picture. To get to that goal, I have tested different strategies and I came across one strategy that I used for a very long time. Now I simply do not have time for it, but when I do, I still use it.

Let’s say you made a post and it is not performing very well. Your likes slowed down quite a bit, and you are nowhere near your goal. What you can do is go to your search tab on Instagram app and search for the main keyword in your niche. Once the screen populates with the posts under that hashtag, do the following:

  • –  Write a personal comment on each of the 9 top posts for the hashtag (first 9 posts that show up, usually separated with a space from the posts below them). Do not sound like a robot.
  • –  Start from the very first post after the top 9 and like EVERY SINGLE POST. Okay, not every single post but all of the ones that are not scam or not pornography (yes, Instagram is working hard to fight pornography being spammed across the platform but there are still some that slip away). Most of the posts that are under the top 9 posts on any given hashtag, are posted by accounts with a low following. Let’s say you double tap on a picture that was posted by an account with 100 followers. That account doesn’t get many notifications and is likely to check out most of the accounts that are liking his/her post. Because your profile picture is attractive and peaks people’s interest and your profile is making people want to follow you (if you have done everything correctly up to this point), you are not only likely to get some likes back, but you are even likely to receive new followers. All from simply liking a bunch of pictures of accounts that are similar in size or smaller than you. The bigger your account gets, the easier it is to gain new followers. Be careful and space out your liking streaks. You simply cannot like 1000 pics in a row. Instagram will not allow that to happen. I used to go in spurts of 100 pictures liked and then take a break. Then come back and like 100 again. Currently I have become lazy and keep liking posts until I see Instagram not letting me like any more posts. When that happens, I see the red heart go back to being white. It’s Instagram’s nice way of saying, you need to take a break, pal.

Now let’s talk about why you should comment on all of the posts in the top 9. Think about it this way. For those posts to get up to the top 9 they have to have a lot of followers or they are considered “hot” at the moment. You leaving a comment is like leaving a mark that can get noticed by more people than just the account whose post it is.

If you like a post, chances are that only the account who posted that piece of content will notice that you liked it. However, if you post a comment, especially an interesting one or one that gets an answer from the creator of the post, you are going to have your little comment sit under the post forever. Now, not only you got noticed by a big account, but you also increased the chance of you getting noticed by other accounts.

As you can probably tell by now, I am trying to teach you guys and girls on how to increase your exposure across the Instagram platform for free. If you implement what I am teaching you here in your everyday Instagramming, your journey towards becoming an influencer on Instagram will get much smoother and easier.

The hardest part is the start. Until you reach 1000 followers, not many other accounts trust you and want to engage in your content, let alone follow you. Instagram doesn’t trust you at first either. You have to gain everyone’s trust by posting consistently and providing great value.