If you are a fitness coach, life coach, cryptocurrency guru, marketing guru, etc. you can put together a website and advertise it through your own Instagram account. It will not cost you anything to do so since you are using your own account and could help you in building your brand and generating sales.

Before trying to sell anything make sure that you are providing solid value to your audience. Do not come out pushing product down everyone’s throats. Warm them up to the idea and build anticipation, so that by the time you release your product it will perform well from the beginning. If you are providing value for free, then your paid content must have even more value, right?

You could get on Instagram live and ask your followers to subscribe to your mailing list, in return you should give them something of value. You could use a free guide or a small free training course. You could also hold webinars and invite your followers to join in for a limited time only. The goal here is to collect email addresses, one of the oldest marketing strategy for online businesses.

Focus on generating leads (collecting emails) rather than just trying to sell a product. Pushing your product non-stop might make you a quick buck but will push a lot of people away. You need to build trust, provide value, collect emails, warm people up to the idea of your product, then sell.