We have all seen tons of transformation contests going around on Instagram. They are out there because they work! People love to feel like they belong to a cause. Challenging people to change their lives in a positive way and share their results with the world is powerful.

Think of it as starting a movement. And not any type of movement, but the one that helps people and creates value.

You can come up with many types of challenges. For instance, good ole weight loss challenge, recipes challenge, who photoshopped it better challenge, most beautiful nature pic, most extreme pic, pets doing funny things challenge. The list goes on.

You could announce your challenge in your bio while asking people to use your hashtag and tell them that you will be reposting one submission daily or weekly. Do not make your challenge to be longer than a week. With the distractions in the world, people’s attention span has become smaller. Having weekly reposts of your followers will definitely boost the engagement for your account and will bring in a lot of new faces.


If you know an influencer who is in the same niche as you, and resides in your area, you should reach out to them. Once you reach out, try to see if they would like to meet with you for a photoshoot or a video collaboration.

I used to do that all of the time (still do) with other car accounts. We would set up a time and date to meet and take pictures of our cars together. Once we take pictures and edit them, we would post them on our social media accounts and mention each other’s Instagram handles in the caption and tag them onto the pictures as well while asking our audiences to follow.

As opposed to raw shoutouts, Influencer Collaborations ends with better results because you are still in the picture. Your posts will look less spammy since you are just mentioning the account that you hung out with in your post. Nowadays, people are conditioned to be looking out for spammy content, even from the people that they follow.


As mentioned previously, your other option is focus groups. When you have a higher following, other accounts with a similar following take Instagram more seriously, since they know what it can be used for. Getting those accounts to participate equally usually isn’t as hard as it is to get lower following accounts to participate.

When gathering accounts for a focus group, make sure to set up the times that you want them all to participate. All should be posting at similar times and should expect others to be available to engage with the posts.

Also, as previously mentioned, make sure that the accounts you invite in the group are legit. Do some digging and make sure that their following isn’t fake. You would be surprised how many fake followers an account can have. I have seen accounts with over a million followers that are fake, so be cautious.