It is now possible to not only follow accounts but also to follow hashtags. Instagram came in with this update in late 2017. What does it mean for us? It means that hashtags are almost as important as posting high quality content. It means that your account has even more chance of being seen by others as long as it uses hashtags.

To capitalize on this new update, you must choose your hashtags carefully and make sure they are the ones people are looking for. That is one of the biggest reasons why I try to not use hashtags that have under 1 million posts under them.

Another super important thing that you need to be doing is posting hashtags with all of your Instagram stories. Just think about it. Not many people are doing it, which means that there is very little competition at the moment. Your story will show up at the very top in the bundle of stories at the top when search for hashtags that are tagged in the story.

Once again, you are increasing your exposure for free. It takes no effort to add a hashtag into your story. If you don’t want to look scammy, make the hashtag super small and stick it in the corner where no one will look. As long as it’s in the story, it will show up.

Hashtags alone are giving you three ways of gaining exposure:

  • –  30 hashtags for people that look for hashtags that you added to your posts.
  • –  People that follow hashtags that you have under your posts have the ability to see your posts now even if they are not following you.
  • –  People that search for hashtags now can see your story if it has that hashtag in it, even if they are not following you. I think that you understand by now how important hashtags are for your accounts’ growth. Do not be lazy, do your research and utilize it to its full potential. There is no reason not do so, especially when it doesn’t cost you anything.