As I have mentioned previously, there shouldn’t be a time where you skip a day or two from posting. There also should not be a time when you just don’t have content to post. Just think about it. Content is everywhere around you. You can use anything as a photo prop. Cool car, cool wall, cool thing you find at the store, cool scenery, etc. You get the point.

Let’s say you are locked in a room and can’t leave it. There is absolutely nothing interesting with you or around you. You have a few options still, so don’t rush into giving up and not posting anything that day! Here are a few options off the top of my head…

Repost your old content. No, it is not taboo to do so. I have done it multiple times. People are forgetful, and they don’t mind. I am very sorry if this will offend you in any way, but you are not as important to people on social media as you might think. Even if they remember, it will take extra effort for them to come out and say something to you. And even if they do, all you have to say is, “Yes, I really liked this picture and wanted to share it again.”

There is less Instagram Police than you think. So, do not worry and recycle when needed. However, as with anything, know your limits. You shouldn’t be going around and reposting every single picture that you have ever posted.

Give someone else in your niche a shoutout. I have done this a few times and it worked like a charm. I was running out of content to post during winter and decided to give a few of my buddies shoutouts. I took their best performing pictures and reposted them on my account. They did well, not great, but well. Reason being, people are following you for your content, for your pictures and your videos. They are loyal to you, and a lot of times reposts get much lower engagement.

Even though, that is likely to be the case with every shoutout you give out, your flow of content is continuing, and you are staying relevant. Just like before, do not overdo it either. If you start reposting other accounts’ pictures over and over without posting your own content, you will start losing your audience. Unless you are an account that focuses on reposting pictures of other accounts.

Find viral content. Another thing that I have found to work very well is finding content in your niche that has gone viral or has potential to go viral. Imagine the exposure your account would get if you posted something awesome and it takes off like a rocket!

Just as before, make sure to give proper credit to whomever you have “borrowed” a picture or a video from. Asking for permission is the first thing that you should be doing before posting anyone else’s content on your page.