Do not let the money blind you. Remember that without your audience trusting you and engaging with your content, there will be no brand. You need to grow and maintain your audience. Provide value to them constantly to keep them interested in what you have to share.

Focus on your niche and stick to it. I see time and time again guys that have built solid following in car niche, that start promoting kitchen items or other things that have nothing to do with cars. At least they should have stuck with things you can use along with your car, like car chargers, dash cams, trackers, etc.

You need to also pay a lot of attention to what you are promoting. If you would not use the product yourself, you should not try to sell it. I mean you could, but then again, you will not be able to stand strong behind the product when questions start rolling in.

Numerous of times I got offered to promote products that I thought were useless or hideous and I just couldn’t do it. The deals were great, but there was no way I would look like a fraud in front of my audience. Make sure that you stay true to yourself and your audience, don’t be that guy that stops caring about the longevity of the account and keeps pushing anything and everything.