Now let’s talk about automation. Up to this point in the book I’ve been sharing with you how you can grow your Instagram accounts in proper ways. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age most of Instagram Accounts with large following have used automation in one way or another. The purpose of running software that will help you grow fast or purchasing followers is all tied up into social proof.

If you see an account that has a very large following, you will right away think that this account is legit. Well, that’s what you would have thought before reading this book, now you will go dig and find out that most of them cheated at one point or another.

I used to look down at all of the accounts that cheated in the past, now I only look down at accounts that cheated in the past and claim to have grown their following absolutely organically. Looking for shortcuts is human nature, and when money and time comes into play, a lot of times it looks like a no brainer.

That’s when automation comes in. A lot of times it is referred as “botting.” I have never used a bot on my @ignastym4 account, but I have tested out quite a few on my ecommerce stores and other business accounts. By far the best one that I have found is called Followers Growth.

There are other tools that have some functions of this web application, however none of them have them all. Don’t fall for scammy marketing videos that you see every day and do your own research.

I have seen numerous of people that have 50-100K followers on their pages that are promoting Instagram bots telling others that’s how they got their following so high. Sounds too good to be true? Well it is. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t fact check all of those accounts.

The very sad part is that 99.99% of these accounts bought large amounts of followers before they released their ads. People that don’t do their research end up wasting their money while these scam artists sit back, count cash and laugh at how much smarter they are than others.

Follow the steps that I have mentioned previously in sorting through who is telling you a fairy tale and who is telling the truth. Go to and look at the Total Instagram Followers graphs and see if there were any sharp break offs that came after sudden jumps. Also look for patterns of followers

dropping every day. If an account is posting every day, there is absolutely no reason for it to keep dropping in followers.

A ton of accounts that are huge are using at least one function of what this application has to offer. If asked they will of course say that they aren’t using it. On Instagram, people that use bots act similar to the people that use steroids in real life. You see them grow much faster than others, it’s very obvious, but they will deny it until the end.

I started researching Instagram automation when one of my friends with a large (250K) account started commenting the same stuff on every single post of mine. I was like, c’mon bro, are you ok? Why do you keep saying the same thing on every single pic of mine. Then he admitted to using a bot. He said he couldn’t engage with all of his followers and people that he is following so he had to look for a way to keep him engaged with everyone. Running a bot saved him a ton of time.

I was a bit shocked, but not completely blown away. I understood that once you grow large enough it’s hard to keep up without being completely consumed into your social media accounts. I started looking around and realized that virtually every big account is running some type of software. Even though it’s against Instagram’s policies, they seem to still be around and well. The key factor of running an automation software is to set it up where you run low risk of overdoing it. Knowing what’s too much is key.

Instaposts app is set up in a way where all of the thinking is already done for you. You do not need to worry about daily or hourly limits on likes, follows, comments. The software knows and will keep you legal. That is not a guarantee that you will not get your account banned temporarily or permanently but the accounts that I have checked out are still around.

Ideally, when you are just starting off, you should set all of your settings either to “Auto” or “Medium” at the most. This way Instagram will get warmed up to the fact that you are becoming more engaged with the platform. Within a week of letting it run at this pace, you should bump it up to “Fast” or “Very Fast” and watch the magic happen.

Organic growth is slow and painful; however, it is the most rewarding in the end. Even though I managed to grow my car account organically to a decent size without spending a penny or automation, I have used Followers Growth to gain traction and social proof to my ecommerce store pages. I will go over the game plan how this could be beneficial to your online business or an influencer account as well. But first let me cover the ways this application can make your life easier.

Scheduling Posts

This function was the first thing that caught my attention when looking at Instaposts application. If you are like myself and are a busy person that struggles to post at the right times or to post period, you would like this function. Instaposts lets you schedule your posts ahead of time. While other apps offer to notify you when to post, this application does it for you without even bothering you.

If you spend a few hours putting your posts together, adding hashtags and captions in them, you will not have to move a finger afterwards besides interacting with your followers. I have successfully done this myself with a few accounts with only time being spent 1 day out of the week where I set future posts up.

But wait, there’s more! No, I’m being serious. If posting your scheduled posts for you isn’t enough, it also lets you put down the first comment under that post. And that comment should be your set of hashtags. Pretty neat stuff.

Can Manage Multiple Accounts

This software has a few options where you can manage one account, 3 accounts or even 15 accounts (ideal for businesses). I have seen a lot of new companies popping up that are managing multiple Instagram accounts for companies or individuals and making a living out of it.

If you are interested in starting a social media management company, this could be one of the ways to get it off the ground. I have been managing a few accounts that I do not own with the help of Instaposts app as well.

Auto DM Feature

Yes, you know those DM messages that you get sometimes after following a certain account? Messages that are welcoming you to the page and thanking you for hitting the follow button. Those messages are set up by using automation services as well.

It is a nice and easy way to say hello to your new followers and is very useful if you are a brand. The only thing that would be left for you to do is coming up with a unique and not too robotic message. This software can make your life much easier, but you would still need to put in some of the work yourself.

Auto Follow/Auto Unfollow

Instaposts also lets you set it up to follow and unfollow accounts that are in your niche. You can set them up in a way to only target accounts that are using hashtags that you use as well as location that you are in. It even lets you to go after your competitors’ followers.

Yes, with this software you can target to follow and unfollow all of the people that are following your competitor’s account. Another awesome thing that barely any other services offer.

Auto Like

This function is the least invasive since you are only liking pictures of other accounts that have hashtags that you set your app to follow. It can also be set up by location and competitor accounts.

The idea behind this function is the same as when I taught about forcing out engagement. Your account will go like pictures in hopes to get the person to come back to your page and like a few posts in return or give you a follow. It works like a charm once you grow bigger (past 10K). At that point people will trust you more and will be much more inclined to follow you.

I really like this feature because it can go around 24 hours a day liking pictures for you and attracting traffic to your page. Imagine how much time you would have to spend a day to like 1000 pictures? We are all very busy people, so we do what we have to do to save time.


If that was not enough, you can also schedule this app to automatically repost from other accounts onto your page. It took me a bit to understand what this meant. Might sound confusing so allow me to explain.

It is possible now to create an account that will take posts of others on autopilot and repost onto your account. No need to enter caption, hashtags, etc. Everything is pulled up from the source.

I am currently testing this function with one of my accounts where I set up a bunch of accounts to pull content from with proper credit given to them. At the moment, I have scheduled this account to be reposting 2-4 times an hour. It is by far my fastest growing account at the time, and yes that includes the @ignastym4 account.


Let’s just make sure that we are on the same page here. The strategies that I have told you previously I have tested out with my car Instagram page. That page was grown 100% organically without ever running a bot, buying followers or anything of that sort. It was a challenge for me to figure out how to grow my account and it still is until this day and I love every single bit of it.

People that never grew their pages organically and only ran bots, do not understand the full game. My advice would be to play around and learn the legit practices in growing your follower base especially if you are an influencer. But if you needed an extra help automation could be beneficial if not over abused.

If you are just starting a new page for your business, you want to gain “street cred” right away. With the way Instagram is nowadays, it is not easy. In fact, your engagement will be terrible for the first month or two. How much exposure you will be getting will all depend on how good of content you are posting, how people are reacting to it, and if there is anything that you are doing that could negatively affect the community.

Once you grow your account large enough, you can cut down on automation and hire virtual assistant. All you really need with a business page is to build a strong foundation and start getting good engagement with your posts. If you were to do this organically, it will be a very long and not easy process, unless you are a celebrity.

I used to hate bots and still do for the most part. However, that opinion has formed because people and companies have been abusing them endlessly. They comment the same stuff over and over, sometimes even on the same posts. They put no effort in optimizing them. They put no effort in responding to a response to their own comment.

I see bots as a way to expand your reach while saving time. It can work while you are sleeping or working on your business. It does not call in sick, come to work hungover, you get the same effort at all times. However, it is up to you to maintain the connections that can be started with a bot. If people respond to you and follow your account, make sure to interact with them.