Another way to get a lot of engagement on your posts is through contests. As mentioned before, with algorithm changes, Instagram is starting to go after the accounts that are trying to force out the engagement. Holding a contest is one of the things that Instagram doesn’t want you to do anymore.

When starting a contest, most of the accounts ask for other accounts to comment, like, and share their posts in hopes to win a prize. The fact that they are asking for users to engage, is considered engagement bait. Quite a few big account growths were based on contests. People kept commenting, liking and sharing in hopes to win a freeby, that resulted into Instagram algorithms getting tricked into thinking that the post is “hot” and boosting its exposure.

The more people saw the post and checked out the account, the more people followed it. It is going to be a lot tougher for new accounts to be built on challenges as such from this point forward, so always think outside of the box! If by the time you are reading this it is still not too late, you should still utilize this strategy.