Quality of the posts is very important, and we have already gone over that. However, let’s not confuse what quality posts mean. When I mention quality, I’m referring to your posts providing value to the viewers. Are your posts engaging, interesting, challenging, funny, outrageous?

There are a few things that I have seen to work well time and time again. Let’s go through each one of them now.

Funny Posts

People love to smile, and if you can make someone smile or laugh you will capture their attention. Just take a look at all of the meme accounts on Instagram. They have generated millions of followers and are still growing fast.

Think about what type of posts you share with your friends when you come across them. Usually it’s something funny, relatable or outrageous, isn’t it? Humor triggers the “feel good” emotion in your body. People love to feel good, so posting something funny will yield good results for most of the time.

Let’s go through what happens when you post something funny. This will be very similar to the events that will take place after posting other types of posts that we will cover as well.

  • –  You post a funny meme, picture or a video.
  • –  The post is originally shown mostly to your followers. In the first 15 minutes or so, the Instagram algorithm is going to figure out if it is good enough to be shown to others based on first viewers’ reactions.
  • –  Your post gets shared, liked, commented and saved more than your regular posts.
  • –  Instagram determines that the post is more relevant to the audience viewing it, therefore it classifies it as a good quality post and starts showing it to more and more people. Even the people that are not following you get to see it now.
  • –  More people like, comment, share and save the post. It scores even higher on relevancy scale. It gets shown to even more people. Now your post has been seen by more people that are not following you, than the ones that are following you.
  • –  This is where you start to notice that you started getting a ton of new followers considering your account is set up correctly (makes new visitors want to follow you).

– The post could be performing very well for 24 hours or even more. I have had a post do incredibly well for 48 hours, however most of the posts do not pass a 24-hour lifespan before they die down completely.

Adversity Posts

As much as people love to laugh and smile, they also are very likely to share misfortunes that they find on Instagram. When my car was sitting at a shop for 6 weeks getting its front bumper repainted, I posted pictures of my car having no bumper. The picture went viral within the niche. Got me tons of engagement, new followers, and time on explore page. I have seen the same thing happen with other accounts that have a much lower following. Their accident pictures would blow up on Instagram and would be the highest engagement posts they have ever posted.

The post that by far out performed others that I have posted had humor tied into misfortune. It was a BMW crashed into a tree and the caption said “the new BMW M Tree” instead of BMW M3. Get it? People thought it was as funny as unfortunate and shared it a ton of times with others. That post alone received 165K impressions, 5100 likes, and almost 500 comments.

The same chain of events would happen to other types of posts as well, as long as they trigger a strong emotion in people’s minds. Good or bad, it does not matter much. When something is extremely outrageous, even the quality of the picture itself isn’t as important anymore. The value of the post outweighs quality of it.


How many times have you seen a post blow up based solely on the fact that it angered a ton of people? You do not want to go around posting a bunch of content with an intent to get people pissed, however, this little strategy has been seen to work time and time again.

Look at how much attention our last presidential election got. So many people were angry about one candidate or another, they kept sharing the “fake news” with others. Things were crazy, but think about how big an impact to the country’s future this outrage on social media has caused?

I found out about this method once I saw a post of one car that has an engine in the front, photoshopped as if it had an engine in the rear. So many people got angered by it, shared the post, commented on it expressing their frustration, and many saved the picture as well. This picture was posted by a friend of mine who at the time only had 2000 followers.

The results after the post had ran its course was insane. He had gained over 1000 new followers, his post got over 4600 likes, 144 comments and was even reposted by some huge accounts! Think about it. His follower base increased by 50% as a result of only one post!

If you ever find something like this happen in front of your eyes on Instagram, put your own twist on it and post it quick! Time is of huge essence. The later in the game you are the less of a chance you have to go viral yourself.

I did the same type of edit on one of my pictures and posted it. Once again, a ton of people were outraged. The others thought it was hilarious. All commented, liked, shared, and saved the post. It got reposted by 2 accounts with over 4 Million followers each, one account with 1.4 Million followers, and a bunch of other accounts with followers between 100K to 800K.

How much money would you have to spend to get that type of exposure if you decided to pay these guys for shouting you out? I understand that’s what a bunch of other books and courses are telling you to do, however, I think that thinking outside of the box and making unique content can work better for you.

Results of this post on my account were insane. I only had a little over 30K followers at that time. This post has achieved the following numbers:

  • –  141K Impressions (95K from explore page/27K from my followers/19K from people sharing it)
  • –  744 Saves.
  • –  348 Follows – people clicking that follow button right after viewing your post. Unique Another type of post that you can utilize to your advantage is a very unique post. Just like the Outrage post, you will need to keep your eyes and ears open to come up with new ideas. If you see something unique and super cool, try to implement a similar concept onto your posts. One example of what I have done to get great results with these types of posts. I was browsing Instagram and came across a very cool post. It was of a car sitting still but exhaust pipes were producing large amounts of smoke. After digging deeper, I have found out that the person was able to accomplish this post by using the app called Werble. As you have probably already guessed it, I have created a very similar still picture with blueish smoke coming out of the tailpipes of my car. In the caption

I asked a question, “Will this pass smog test?” See what I did there? I made a cool post, and wrote a sarcastic caption. The results for this post were not as good as the Photoshopped Outrage post, however that still got me almost 64K views, 3400 likes, 500 saves and almost 100 comments. That post alone got me over 300 new followers in a 24-hour period.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you need to think outside of the box and be creative if you want to save money. If you have a lot of cash burning your pockets, go ahead and try to pay for shoutouts from these huge accounts. I am not a fan of spending money when I don’t need to, therefore I would rather think of ways to create content so good that everyone would love to share it for free for me while I reap the benefits from getting credit for it.