Just as before, people always look for a “magic number” of hashtags to post as well. Once again, there isn’t one. However, I can teach you what worked for me. When I first started my account, I was struggling a bit. Then a friend of mine showed me a trick on how to use 60 hashtags. The same trick works today too, but not as well anymore. I’ll tell you how at the end of this section, so bear with me.

After interviewing numerous successful accounts, I have realized that there really isn’t a set number that works for all. Some accounts only use 5 hashtags, and some use 60. I have personally only seen 30 to 60 hashtags work well for me. But some people would disagree with me.

For instance, some books that I have read on Instagram growth are telling its readers to not use more than 5 hashtags. They say that 1-3 well targeted hashtags or no hashtags at all is key. Have you ever tried to make a post without including a single hashtag when just starting out on Instagram? You will be lucky to get 1 like, and no I am not talking about the like you are going to give yourself to make yourself feel better.

After the most recent Instagram algorithm change, I have tested multiple posts with no hashtags, very few hashtags and 30 hashtags. It seemed as if all of the posts were getting very similar exposure. However, the difference was in who sees your posts. With hashtags more people that were not following you saw your posts. That increased the chance of me getting new followers because my profile was seen by a new set of eyes. Posts that I used no hashtags on, were receiving less than 20% of new people seeing it. To put it in perspective, if you are just starting out, your posts will not be seen by anyone.

One of the biggest problems with the books and courses that I have read is that most of them assume that you already have over 100K followers or more. The particular one that stated not to post a lot of hashtags went from 17K followers to 90K+ in a matter of a few weeks after buying batches of followers and running bots. If that was the case with you, you shouldn’t have to use any hashtags whatsoever if your account is not legit to begin with. Just let the bots do the work for you.

The way I look at this is this … Each hashtag gives you an opportunity to gain exposure and your post to be seen. So why not use as many as you can? While that mindset worked very well for me before, the platform has caught onto it and seems to be hunting for accounts that are abusing the glitch in the system and continue posting 60 hashtags.

Since that method is not very attractive anymore, I choose to go with the second most attractive option; using 30 hashtags. It complies with the rules of Instagram (in this case unwritten hashtag rules), and at the same time, it gives my posts maximum exposure that is possible to get through the hashtag route.

Instagram is laser focused on providing great experience on the platform. If you post garbage content, your results will reflect that. I am truly starting to enjoy the platform much more since it forces accounts into providing quality content consistently.