You have probably seen a lot of accounts that are business accounts, even though they do not represent any business. My car account is one of them. When making the decision of which route to pick, personal or business, you will need to take into consideration a few things.

If you are just using your Instagram for fun, you shouldn’t worry about upgrading to a business account. Even though upgrading is free, you might be more prone to get targeted by Instagram to get ad revenue from. This theory is not confirmed by me nor is it confirmed by anyone I know, but rumor has it that business accounts get reduced engagement because they are being pushed into a situation where they have to pay for ads in order to gain exposure.

Personally, I am a control freak and I want to know as much as I can. I want to know how much my accounts have grown in the past day, week, month, etc. Who is following me, where are they from, are they males or females, what’s my best engagement days during the week. Simply put, if you are focused on growing and understanding your audience, my advice for you would be to get a business account.


Interestingly enough, it is not as complicated as it sounds. All you really need to do is create a page on Facebook for you Instagram account. It is very easy and doesn’t take long at all, I will not go into detail on how to do it in this book, simply because you can find that information within 5 seconds with a quick Google search.

Once you have the page created, you will have to go into your Instagram settings and link the Facebook page that you have just created to your Instagram page. Once Instagram gathers enough data, you will start seeing your account performance, simply by clicking stats icon (vertical bars) in your home page (bottom right icon in the app).