A lot of companies use affiliate marketing as a way to advertise their products. The way affiliate marketing works is simple:

  1. A company creates a product and posts it on affiliate network.
  2. Affiliates that are part of the network find a product and decide to promote it on their channels (YouTube, blog, Instagram, Facebook page, etc.).
  3. Affiliate network provides the advertiser with a link used to track their sales.
  4. Affiliate posts the link and promotes it on their chosen channel.
  5. Saleshappen,andaffiliatecollectsapercentageoneverysale.Creator of the product collects the rest.

This is a win-win situation for both the company that created the product and the advertiser/affiliate. Affiliate gets paid commission for every sale. Product company sells their products without having to spend any money upfront on advertising. Only time company pays anything is when their product has been sold.

Affiliate network makes sure that there is no missed commission by making the links in a way where they are being tracked from person clicking on it all the way to the purchase. Amazon has a great affiliate network itself. By signing up to be an Amazon affiliate you are going to receive around 10% affiliate commission for every product you sell.

If you are using certain niche products, chances are that they are already on some type of affiliate network. Why not post an affiliate link of that product on your account and open the door for opportunity to make sales?

You are not spamming people since you use the product yourself. I would advise to stay away from trying to push products that you haven’t used yourself. I pride myself on only being ok with running promotions on products that I use and would stand behind.

Affiliate programs that I have used before are Amazon, ClickBank and Share- a-Sale. There are many more that you can discover with a quick search on google.